About me

Jussi Huotari – about me

I’m an entrepreneur in the online space. Tweet to me @jussihuotari or send an email to firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com.

I’m co-founder at Sports Connected – a company that builds and provides the popular Nimenhuuto and Playerlineup products for sports teams.

I was a co-founder at TripSay with Jarno, Juha and Leo. TripSay is an online service for passionate travelers who want to challenge themselves and experience new things. Our goal is to make travel planning a better experience.

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Before founding TripSay in 2006 I worked at Finantix and VTT. I’ve studied at Helsinki University of Technology and Strathclyde University. More of that stuff in my LinkedIn profile and on Facebook.

Outside work I play basketball and occasionally ride a motorcycle or sail a fishing boat. I love to see the world and talk about travel. Oh, and I do mean holiday travel. I think everyone should take the time every once in a while and go see how people live in other countries. You never know, it might even help to understand different cultures…

Puhelimitse minut tavoittaa numerosta nolla-neljä-nolla 585 1123.