Content Marketing by a Stock Exchange

The CEO of a public company tweeted today about an interview. In the interview, the president of Nasdaq Helsinki sets up a portable studio and dicusses with Marimekko’s CEO Mika Ihamuotila about issues that are interesting to shareholders and traders.

Great stuff! Finally a business that makes real, original content to engage its customers. This is not just a consultant repeating fancy ideas about inbound marketing, death of cold calls, content strategy, and social selling. This is not just a poor community manager tasked with fabricating stories, sans facts and figures. This is not just a campaign with polished edges, made by your shiniest and most innovative digital agency.

This is the real thing. The president of a stock exchange himself grabs a camera and goes to interview the head honcho of a publicly traded firm. The interviewer of that stature is bound to have access to interesting people. And respectively, the interviewee calls the bets in their company. Sounds like an excellent foundation to build on.

As neither the interviewer or interviewee is a media professional, the result is a bit rough. Furthermore, neither is talking their first language, which takes away from conversation flow. But that’s not the point! The point is the fabled, hard-to-reach authenticity that differentiates this piece of content from what most companies are producing. I’d say this the kind of content businesses should create. You know, if you’re not putting out stories, you basically don’t exist.

Alas, reality is not quite so good. The video is almost two year old and looks like it’s the only episode of Lauri’s Portable Talkshow. Why so? Probably because it takes significant time to produce such content. It’s easier just to do what everyone else is doing, i.e. create a separate “social media team” and invest in Facebook ads so that you can focus on real work.

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